“We encourage Western Balkans” in Sarajevo

Joint Master's Programme Political Science – Integration & Governance

“We encourage Western Balkans” in Sarajevo

The Faculty of Political Science of University of Sarajevo had the honor to host the Roadshow “We Encourage the Western Balkans” as a part of Joint Master Program in political science: Integration and Governance promotion on Thursday, April 20th 2017.

As for the participants, in addition to “usual suspects” Dr. Franz Kok, Dr. Maja Savic-Bojanic and Assoc. Prof. Nedzma Dzananovic, who presented the PoSIG program and their particular contributions to its final shape,  the two universities, SSST and UNSA, were presented by their Rector professor Ejup Ganic (SSST) and Vice-rector for international Cooperation professor Aleksnadra Nikolic (UNSA) who both stressed the importance  of knowledge and its international verification and introduction and implementation of European standards. The director of National Erasmus Office in BiH, Mr. Suad Muhibic introduced other capacity opportunities that Erasmus + program offers to academic institutions, staff and students.

The promotion was attended by a number of stake-holders and partners of both universities, as well as by many of the alumni who maintain close relationships with their alma mater. Mr Edin Dilberovic, the director of the European Integration Directorate of BiH, Mr. Neven Aksamija, Director of Civil Service Agency of BiH and Mrs. Lejla Ramic-Mesihovic, director of Foreign Policy Initiative think tank, representing both governmental and non-governmental sectors, invited students to embrace their international opportunities in education and to use them for the benefit of their countries and region. The intregration of the Western Balkans into the EU is a long-term and demanding process that affects entire societies and requires full enagement of different professional and social groups.

In addition, the benefits and opportunities for students were presented by the Sudents’ Board representatives, Emina Kuhinja from SSST and Amer Cekic from UNSA/FPN.