Roadshow “We encourage Western Balkans” in Tirana

Joint Master's Programme Political Science – Integration & Governance

Roadshow “We encourage Western Balkans” in Tirana

For the first time in Albania, a Joint Master between EU and Western Balkans universities with a focus on political sciences was introduced at the EU Information Center on 25th April 2017. University of Tirana/Faculty of Social Sciences and European University of Tirana introduced the new program of Joint Master in Political Sciences –Integration and Government (#PoSIG) during the roadshow “We encourage Western Balkans”. The activity was opened for everyone interested in political sciences studies, Europeanization, good governance and internationalization of higher education. This was organized within the EuroPS project, funded by European Union, Erasmus+ Programme.

The Executive Director of PoSIG, Dr. Franz Kok, introduced in details the opportunities that this program offers to the Albanian students and furthermore, shared with the attendees the vision that this consortium of universities has – to build bridges between Europe and Western Balkans and to encourage youth to contribute for their country.

The Head of the Cooperation of  the EU Delegation to Albania, Mr. Yngve Engstroem, emphasized the need for strengthening the capacities of the public administration in the country. “This program is focused on what Albania needs in the process of becoming an EU member, and also addresses the challenges that Albania will face when joining  the EU. Through its programmes, EU supports youth to study abroad and then return back to their country so as they can contribute to build a system based on meritocracy and high skills”, highlighted Mr. Engostroem.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Albania, HE Johann Sattler, highlighted ‘connectivity’ as the key word in todays’ information society and how the PoSIG Master offers opportunities for creating connections among the youth of Albania with those of Balkans and Europe to further develop their professional skills. The Ambassador appreciated the PoSIG approach as an integrated Master with European standards that addresses the needs for development in terms of the integration process and good governance. Furthermore, within the Berlin Process, such an initiative that reflects the practical implementation of the European principles is a success story, underlined HE Johann Sattler.

The Rector of European University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj, praised  the collaboration among partners for the development of this joint master its profile oriented towards integration and good governance. “The integration and democratization processes of Albania need professionals graduates with the best European standards, who will then be able to respond to the labour market needs, the public administration and country’s development with their acquired knowledge and competences”, underlined Gjuraj.

According to the directors of PoSIG, transforming the political sciences studies in a competitive degree in the labour market is a fundamental challenge that the EuroPS consrtium is trying to tackly by introducing PoSIG. European University of Tirana is one of the initiators of this project and furthermore, of the PoSIG Master. In addition, the introduction of this Master was greeted by Ms. Edit Dibra, the National Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Office in Tirana and by Mr. Erindi Bejko, Director of Public Services in Tirana Municipality, who presented the opportunities for work practice for students. Dr. Blerjana Bino and Prof. Orinda Malltezi encouraged students to apply for PoSIG, as a program that will offer professional and academic preparation valuable for their career.

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