Methodology and Project Management

Joint MA Political Science – Integration & Governance (PoSIG)

The course accompanies students in the development of their first large self-conducted and independent research project, which is the Master Thesis. The MA Thesis seminar thereby encourages exchange between the students, mainly through the presentation of their research projects, related discussion in class, and feedback by the lecturer. During the seminar, students refresh their methodological knowledge, particularly of a theory-oriented empirical- analytic science understanding. Concepts such as the creation of a research design, the choice of a research question, the selection of methods, hypothesis testing, and causal modelling will be presented, as will practical aspects of political science as a profession. In addition, the seminar gives students the opportunity to present their individual research project and design and to discuss their research question, theoretical framework, and methodological aspects. The seminar thus provides each participant with a public forum for intellectual debate on his or her own theme. The thesis is an individual research project, which underlines the student’s fields of specialization. It is supervised by two supervisors and should be connected to the supervisor’s field of teaching and/or research. The master thesis is awarded 30 ECTS. All students must attend thesis seminar.