PoSiG with European Accreditation!

Joint Master's Programme Political Science – Integration & Governance

PoSiG with European Accreditation!

As the first joint MA program PoSIG received a positive European Accreditation approval from AQ Austria (Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation) on the 22nd of March 2017! Based on the Yerevan Declaration 2015 of the Bologna Minister Conference this new approach in the quality assurance of joint degree programs will be an encouraging new approach showing that Europe works.

The PoSIG partner consortium met a set of strict criteria for the quality of academic programs used by AQ Austria, an international evaluation panel and the Board of AQ Austria. The national recognition of this European Accreditation has now started and the University of Salzburg already has reached that. So the first cohort of 20 students can start in Winter Term 2017/18 in Salzburg.

The first call for applications for this first cohort is now open. Please visit the consortiums application platform!

The second year of the program shall be attended at any of the seven partner universities in Sarajevo, Tirana, Prishtina and in Skopje. The call 2018 shall allow 40 first year placements at the University of Salzburg and at the University of Ljubljana.

The publication of the accreditation decision from AQ can be found:  https://www.aq.ac.at/de/akkreditierte-hochschulen-studien/entscheidungen_auslaendische_hochschulen.php

Because of the ongoing decisions of the national accreditation bodies all member of the PoSIG consortium shall have the national implementation of this European Accreditation confirmed and available for the academic year 2018/19. This confirmation already is valid for University of Salzburg, University of Sarajevo, FAMA College, University of Business and Technology. This list will be updated permanently.