About PoSIG

Joint MA Political Science – Integration & Governance (PoSIG)

PoSIG is Joint MA Political Science – Integration & Governance.  

PoSIG is a joint two year (120ECTS) MA program covering all fields of Political Science.

PoSIG as curriculum is offered from nine partner universities from Austria, Slovenia, Bosina & Herzegowina, Albania, Kosovo and North Makedonia. Partner from Montenegro and Serbia will join the consortium in the next year.

PoSIG joint degree is given by all universities from the consortium a student has attended during the two year studies for at least one academic term.

PoSIG combines know how about integration policies in a globalized world with knowledge about the needs for good governance necessary for the management of integration in domestic politics.

PoSIG is a demanding programme to the students – they need a BA in Political Science or International Relation as entrance criteria and a strong will for academic mobility during their two PoSIG years entirely taught in English.

PoSIG combines methodology and theory driven academic teaching with reality based and student centred research connecting to the world of policy making an its needs.

PoSIG students are committed to responsibility of the Next Europe! generation and supported in their carrier with internships at associated international organizations as www.rcc.org www.cei.org www.institut-ire.eu www.unodc.org and www.rycowb.org .

PoSIG is not only teaching about European model of multilateral politics but is also a multilateral consortium of universities granting highest academic recognition and quality of teaching and management with European Accreditation by AQ Austria.

You can read more about the joint master at the PoSIG Flyer.