Joint MA Political Science – Integration & Governance (PoSIG)

The Joint Master PoSIG offers the students the opportunity to receive a joint diploma with at least one EU partner University signing it. Prospective students shall read below the documents to be submitted during the first phase of applications. Applications will be opened from 15 February till 30 April 2019 to all interested students who already obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree in political science and/or closely related fields (180 ECTS) and have at least 15 ECTS of methodology courses. Students that have not yet got their BA can apply and their admission will be conditional upon obtaining a BA before 31 of August 2019.

Each application has to specify the selected fields of specialization.

  • Each application has to include the following documents:
  1. Application form;
  2. CV;
  3. English language certificate or proof that BA level studies included at least 2 semesters in English;
  4. Copy of the Diploma and transcript of records;
  5. 2 Letters of reference (at least one should be an academic reference).

The evaluation criteria also include an interview and knowledge of English language.

Students are required to attend the following institutions for at least one term: the University of Ljubljana and/or the University of Salzburg during their first year of study and at least one other EuroPS University Partners in their second year of study in the Western Balkans.

List of Methodology courses available at University of Salzburg (PLUS) and University of Ljubljana (ULju) to complete Methodology requirements of applicants without having 15 ECTS methodology in the previous BA in Political Science can be found below:

University of Salzburg (PLUS) (all courses in German):

  • Forschungsdesign Politikwissenschaft (Lecture with 3 ECTS, spring term);
  • Qualitative Methodology (Seminar with 6 ECTS, spring term;
  • Quantitative Methodology in Social Sciences (Lecture with 3 ECTS, winter term);
  • Quantitative Methodology in Political Science (Seminar with 6 ECTS, winter term).

University of Ljubljana (ULju) (all courses in English and Slovenian):

  • Research Design – Methods I (6 ECTS, winter term);
  • Quantitative Methods – Methods II (6 ECTS, spring term).

For further inquiries on admissions do not hesitate to contact us and follow us on

The decision of AQ Austria regarding PoSIG Accreditation can be found here:

Because of the ongoing decisions of the national accreditation bodies, all member of the PoSIG consortium shall have the national implementation of this European Accreditation confirmed and available for the academic year 2019/20. This confirmation already is valid for University of Salzburg, University of Sarajevo, FAMA College, University of Business and Technology. This list will be updated permanently.